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Things That Are Too Boring to Blog About

June 5, 2008


1) My Politics of Education class. (And my mounting hatred of No Child Left Behind. Seriously, if I had kids, now is the time I would be pulling their asses out of public school.)

2) My job. 

3) The multitude of NPR podcasts I listen to while walking to and from said job and class. (Although, if you aren’t listening to Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, Fresh Air, and It’s All Politics, you are missing out on a lot of excitement and a lot of information that will help you feel superior to all those who waste their time listening to music while walking. Losers.) 

4) My working out. (Arms. So. Sore. Hate. Weights. So. Much.)

5) My excessive Food Network viewing schedule. (I do take breaks to switch over to TLC for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and  Take Home Chef, although these do not feel like much of a departure.) 

And all of these things that are too boring to blog about are pretty much my entire life right now. Jealous? 

Wait! I do have a small exciting story that is semi-related to me, but that highlights the lack of excitement in my life, as it is the most exciting story I have, and it didn’t even happen to me. Anyway, my sister got to go see David Sedaris in NYC yesterday. I was (slash am) super jealous because although he is coming to Harvard tomorrow, I cannot go see him, because they are stupid and sold tickets to the event, which are now sold out. Suck it, Harvard. My sister said he was great, so I started to think maybe I should just go stand outside the Harvard Bookstore, where they will have an audio feed, and then wait for hours to get my book signed. Better than nothing, right? I ran this by my sister, and she told me I shouldn’t get the new book signed because she may or may not have already gotten one for me. Win! I love my sister. She then told me that when she told David Sedaris about my sold-out-tickets-suck-it-Harvard situation, he said that he hates when book stores sell tickets to his events. Hah! David hates Harvard too! So I will soon have my own signed copy of David Sedaris’ new book, and I currently have the knowledge that David Sedaris feels for me. Double win! That is all.


NPR Listening, Orthotics Wearing Old Woman

October 11, 2007


I’ve recently decided that I am slowly turning into a 76 year old woman.

About four days ago I was walking home, because I walk everywhere, when I suddenly got an intense pain in my foot. It wasn’t like something was breaking or bruised. The closest thing I can think of is when I had a stress fracture in 12th grade, but I hope to god that is not what this is. Whatever it is, this pain is debilitating. Nothing helps. I’ve been limping, walking on it differently, wearing my tennis shoes non-stop (thus taking my skinny jeans out of my wardrobe cylce), taking Tylenol every 6 hours, even paying for public transportation. That last one I consider the most upsetting and ironic as I have been walking so much as to avoid paying to take the T, but now that I am injured from all this walking, I am being forced to take the T even more.

Today I had to go out and buy orthotic shoe-inserts, which I’ve learned most people in my family have, but keep in mind these people in my family are all over the age of 46. I was also informed by my mom that I probably won’t be able to wear flats or heels or any type of fashionable shoe without fear of debilitating foot pain ever again. I tried to get her to understand the gravity of this statement. Half of my under bed storage is devoted to my shoes. The idea of having to choose between them and stabbing foot pain plus constant t-riding is like Sophie’s choice. I really don’t want to become an orthotics/birkinstock convert at 20. My shoes have so much life left to live.

Now shoe-inserts alone do not turn me into an old woman. My political science paper is also helping the cause. I had to pick an interest group to do field research on, which basically means I had to volunteer for them and write a paper about it. I, rather cleverly, decided to convince my teacher that the local NPR station qualified as an interest group, because it is related to my interests and is conveniently located right across the street from my apartment. Perfect. I went to volunteer one day, took some phone calls from listeners making donations, got some free books. All was good. Then I started reading their website. I got intersted in some of their programs, one of which I was already pretty obssessed with. I thought it would be good background knowledge to listen to a few other programs. Next thing you know, I’ve got NPR streaming on my computer as I work, and the Talk of the Nation podcast on my Ipod as I limp down the street. It’s good to be informed, right?

Now I know that simply wearing shoe-inserts and listening to NPR doesn’t qualify me as a 76 year old, but add in the fact that for three nights in the past week I have chosen not to go out and party with the rest of my college aged brethren, but rather have chosen to stay in with friends playing Scategories and Balderdash (which, I’m sorry, is way more fun than seeing your friends get trashed. Where else can you come up with movie plots for a film titled The “Imp” Probable Mr. Wee Gee?), and you get a pretty convincing case. Plus the fact that when I do go out, I get excited when the party I’m at has Gin and Tonic available. Sold yet?

So, what does this have to do with LA? Only the fact that I’m excited to go to a place where I can drive…less foot pain.