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Things That Are Too Boring to Blog About

June 5, 2008


1) My Politics of Education class. (And my mounting hatred of No Child Left Behind. Seriously, if I had kids, now is the time I would be pulling their asses out of public school.)

2) My job. 

3) The multitude of NPR podcasts I listen to while walking to and from said job and class. (Although, if you aren’t listening to Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, Fresh Air, and It’s All Politics, you are missing out on a lot of excitement and a lot of information that will help you feel superior to all those who waste their time listening to music while walking. Losers.) 

4) My working out. (Arms. So. Sore. Hate. Weights. So. Much.)

5) My excessive Food Network viewing schedule. (I do take breaks to switch over to TLC for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and  Take Home Chef, although these do not feel like much of a departure.) 

And all of these things that are too boring to blog about are pretty much my entire life right now. Jealous? 

Wait! I do have a small exciting story that is semi-related to me, but that highlights the lack of excitement in my life, as it is the most exciting story I have, and it didn’t even happen to me. Anyway, my sister got to go see David Sedaris in NYC yesterday. I was (slash am) super jealous because although he is coming to Harvard tomorrow, I cannot go see him, because they are stupid and sold tickets to the event, which are now sold out. Suck it, Harvard. My sister said he was great, so I started to think maybe I should just go stand outside the Harvard Bookstore, where they will have an audio feed, and then wait for hours to get my book signed. Better than nothing, right? I ran this by my sister, and she told me I shouldn’t get the new book signed because she may or may not have already gotten one for me. Win! I love my sister. She then told me that when she told David Sedaris about my sold-out-tickets-suck-it-Harvard situation, he said that he hates when book stores sell tickets to his events. Hah! David hates Harvard too! So I will soon have my own signed copy of David Sedaris’ new book, and I currently have the knowledge that David Sedaris feels for me. Double win! That is all.


Free Time or Money?

May 25, 2008


This weekend, on paper, has been extremely fun and eventful. Patrick and Jillian came into town for one last LA-like hurrah before I am alone for the summer. We had our eagerly awaited South End Bar Crawl, beginning with Patrick and my favorite restaurant, Picco. Picco, of course, stands for Pizza and Ice Cream, Co. The name alone makes you want to eat there forever. Deliciousness. Anyway, we then crawled to Sister Sorrel and Union in the South End before coming back to South Campus and ending our night at the train wreck of a bar that is An Tua Nua. If you are ever in Boston and feel like taking your class level down about 10 points, I suggest a trip there. I was disturbed. A plus of the night was becoming friends with Patrick and Jillian’s two friends, Amanda and Val, who I can hopefully hang out with the rest of the summer. I need friends in Boston like woah.

Saturday, Jillian, Val and I did a small walking tour of Boston, ending, of course, on Newbury for lunch. Jillian and I later had a nice dinner party with our friend Megan and her boyfriend. She was in Ireland this past semester while we were in LA, so we had many stories to exchange while eating delicious vegetable lasagna and brownies. Mmm…

Despite all the fun I’ve had this weekend, I have WAY too much going on in the back of my mind. I found out I’m definitely not going to be getting enough hours out of my current work-study job, which is sad because I really enjoy it. This means I either have to deal with having a good amount (Read: probably way too much) free time, which I would use to basically sit in my bed watching Food Network, and not enough money. Thus, I have been feeling I need to get a second job. All the on-campus jobs are office jobs, which I am good at but which I don’t enjoy so  much. They would, however, give me weekends off. I’ve also been looking into restaurant jobs, where I may make some fun summer friends and get to stand for a while in a slightly more exciting environment, but where I may have to give up my weekends – weekends I had planned to use for multiple trips to NYC to visit my sister and Jillian OR I could just deal with not making a lot of money and just force myself to work out and read a lot so I feel productive. But, let’s be honest, as long as Everyday Italian remains, I really know that won’t happen. It’s a tough call, especially since I don’t quite know how bogged down I am going to get with reading for my PolySci class. Maybe I won’t have any free time. Bah! I hate decisions.

On top of all that loveliness, I’ve been dealing with my schedule being royally screwed up for the fall, freaking out about my financial aid, and deciding if I should be studying for the GRE’s if I am really serious about applying to grad school. Aaaannnndddd I’m hyperventilating. Remember when summer was all fun and sunshine. Camp and playing outside with nothing to worry about? When did that stop? Oh yeah…this year. Man, I miss camp.