Who Me?

CactusWhat can I say about me?

I’m planning on leaving the ivy covered halls of college behind in December. This thought both frightens and excites me. Until recently, I thought I had my life figured out, but really, what twenty-one year old has their life figured out? Because of this new self-awareness, I can now laugh at how ridiculously sure I used to be and quiver in fear at the unknown that’s is ahead of me. Enjoy the ridiculousness that is ahead…

A Few of my Favorite Things: Starbucks soy lattes, reality show marathons, dancing, seeing movies in a movie theater, Pinkberry, singing in my car, gossiping, shoe shopping, theater, purses, Sephora, cats, quoting television shows with my sister, thinking I am generally better than most people I know (and let’s face it, people I don’t know), politics, late-night comedy shows, being Jewish, television in general (It would take too long to list my favorites), When Harry Met Sally, and the This American Life podcast.

A list of places I have lived (in order): California, Japan, Maryland, Pittsburgh, PA (GO STEELERS!), Alabama, Ohio, Boston (for school), Delaware (technically where my parents now reside…)

A list of jobs I’ve been sure I wanted (in order): Secretary, famous singer, actor, magazine writer/editor, web designer, actor (but seriously, this time), television writer, network executive, casting director, development executive (kind of currently), theater educator (kind of currently as well…thus my problem.)

A list of random goals: To shop without looking at price tags (Yes, I know. This will never happen.) To own a hybrid car. To be the kind of person who can keep fresh flowers in her house. To own a house. A big one. With a pool. To have a cat. And possibly a dog. And a kid. And I probably should get married first. To have a story about me on This American Life. (Really just to talk to Ira Glass)

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