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A Turn for the Better

July 11, 2008


Today started out like many other this summer: with me walking to work annoyed. I had gotten up early (ish) to have time to make myself lunch and prepare some envelopes for some very important financial aid related documents that I should have sent in to the very important financial aid related office a month ago. Upon trying to prepare these envelopes, I discovered I had somehow lost the mildly expensive book of stamps I just bought a week ago. Organization FAIL. I then stomped like an angry child into the kitchen to make myself lunch, as to save money, use up my perishable food stuffs, and use cooking to put this stamp debacle out of my mind. 

Cut too 20 minutes later when I am stomping like an angry child down Brookline Ave on my way to work having just remembered my perishable sandwich, so lovingly made, was still sitting in my refridgerator. Memory FAIL. So much for saving money, UNTIL…

My boss invited me out to lunch with her and two other theater management related people, whom are always fun and nice to me, which I greatly appreciate, especially when it involves giving me free PF Chang’s for lunch. WIN! Thus, I spent the rest of my day walking around like a happy, stuffed with lo mein and lettuce wraps, child. 

After work, I took my good mood and the generous deposit my parents recently made into my bank account to the Prudential Center in search of new running shoes and comfortable sandals to help alleviate my knee pain and hopefully allow me to start running again. (There was also an unfortuate incident involving my recently purchased gladiator sandals revolving around a sad ripping noise and me limping all the way home, trying not to touch the dirty dirty streets with my oh-so-clean feet that may or may not have contributed to the need for new sandals.)

After searching everywhere from Neimen Marcus to Marshals, I finally found some super comfortable AND cute (the rare find…) sandals at Camper, on sale! Score! (Sadly, no picture could be found.) That after I had found the same running shoes that I’ve loved for a year (and only need to replace because, sometimes, I guess shoes stop working), but in a new fancy color, and again, ON SALE! Double Shoe Score!

Granted I did have to go to two different City Sports to find them, as the first did not have my size, but I don’t care. They are purple and new and comfortable, and hopefully, will get rid of this pesky knee pain so I can run again. 

The rest of the night is looking decidedly less exciting, as all I have to look forward to is watching “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives” while eating frozen yogurt. Tomorow, I have an exciting line up of trying out my new shoes at the gym and doing laundry. Those ridiculous train rides aren’t looking so bad now, I suppose. Maybe I’ll just stare at my pretty new shoes for a while. 


Things I’ve Learned About Myself This Weekend

April 13, 2008


1. Two nights out a weekend is my limit: Thursday night I somehow spent all of my cash and lost my favorite jacket on the ride home. Friday night I went to a pretty exclusive club and had to fend off sketchy club guys all night. Not that either of these nights were not fun in their own special way, but by Saturday night, I had absolutely no desire to drink or leave my apartment ever again. SNL was the perfect entertainment, and you know what? It was free. Score. 

2. I am not a beach person: Saturday we ventured to Hermosa Beach. It was sunny and 85 degrees. Who wouldn’t want to be at the beach? Apparently, my body. After laying out for about an hour, I went to get up and find food with Grace. I made it about halfway up the beach before I started getting those black spots in my eyes that happen right before I pass out. I ran into the nearest bathroom to get out of the sun, but the second I came out, I literally couldn’t see Grace standing in front of me, and my head felt detached from the rest of me. I was forced to sit on the ground against the bathroom building, as there were no benches or other shaded areas around. Thanks beach planning committee! The rest of the afternoon, I couldn’t sit in the sun for more than 20 minutes without feeling nauseous. Luckily, this served as the perfect excuse to eat ice cream, as the shop was shaded and cold, and hey, I had to get my blood sugar up, right? It also gave me the perfect excuse to not go out Saturday night. Again, score. 

3. I want, nay, need gladiator sandals for this summer: My flip flops are no where near fancy enough to go out in, but my feet simply look too beautiful from my pedicure to wear regular shoes much longer. I’ve found these at Target:

They are $15 and thus, entirely practical. However, I’ve also found these and several others at Urban Outfitters:

Sadly, they are $145 and most decidedly impractical. There are also several pairs I’ve noticed at Steve Madden. Sadly, all are not as practical as the Target pair. 

I should learn how to be more practical. Maybe that will be a project for next weekend.