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Shame on You, Emmy Voters!

July 17, 2008


As a Television major, I care a lot about the Emmy’s…probably a little too much. Every year I get my hopes up, thinking they’ll actually recognize the best of the best of television. With so much good stuff on television, despite what most people say, there should be little room for crap. Shouldn’t there? 

Yet every year I am beyond disappointed. Yes, sometimes they get it right, awarding low-rated yet amazing shows like Arrested Development and 30 Rock, but most of the time, they just go with big names and past winners, without, it would appear, even WATCHING half of what’s on television.

If they did watch, they would be EMBARRASSED by leaving off such names as Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton for their work on Friday Night Lights (which itself was left of the list to make room for Boston Legal!? Really, Emmy voters? Does David E. Kelley have naked pictures of all of you? Huge checks made out in your name?) If you watched just one episode of FNL and saw the movingly real and honest performances these two people gave, you would be ASHAMED! Ashamed I tell you!

Equally upsetting on the comedy front, of all the CBS comedies, including my personal favorite How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris? Jason Segal? How could this NOT be funny!), and others which (I’ve been told) are consistenly funny, Big Bang Theory and New Adventures of Old Christine, you had to go with Two and a Half Men? REALLY Emmy Voters? Are sex and fart jokes that funny? Am I missing something? Is it just because you nominated them last year so to prove you were right then you have to do it again now? Sadly, it also beat out Weeds! WEEDS! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Charlie Sheen was more interesting than celebrated actress Mary Louise Parker. I must have been mistaken. And you didn’t just give them a nod in the best comedy category, you also had to give them supporting nods as well? Bah! So no room for John Krasinski and Jenna Fisher? No room for Kevin Dillon? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. 

I mean, yes, there are some positives. 30 Rock got a lot of deserved love (as well as every guest star of the season, apparently) as did Pushing Daisies, Dexter, Mad Men, and Lost, but it all just feels like more of the same. Every year the same list gets published and every year I’m disappointed. I won’t even get into past disappointments. (No Lauren Graham? No Kristen Bell? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE WATCHING!?!) I know it will never change no  matter how many times they change the voting rules. There is too much to watch and too few people who care to really try. I know that. And I know I will still watch, because really, what else do I have to do. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be hurling things at the television while I do it. I mean, James Spader!? Really!?

If you want to see the whole list, check it out here. Maybe you can make sense of it all. Also check out my secret online boyfriend Michael Ausiello’s take. See? I’m not alone, I tell you!


Some thoughts on my way home from dinner…

July 7, 2008


As I walked home, I listened to a Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me clip show of sorts, compiling various celebrity interviews from the past year. While playing a quiz game with guest Kevin Clash, they invited Kevin’s alter ego, Elmo of Sesame Street fame, to answer some questions as well. Kevin answered the first question correctly. Elmo, sadly, answered the second question incorrectly. When recapping, the host was careful to say, “The Team of Kevin and Elmo has answered one question right and one question wrong,” as if to not upset three-year-old Elmo for missing a question. I found myself feeling bad for Elmo too. I hoped they would win so Elmo wouldn’t feel he lost the prize for Megan, the listener. Then I worried about myself. I think this says a lot about my attachment to Sesame Street characters…a lot that frightens me. 


I followed the Hood blimp all the way home, as I live a block away from Fenway Park. I feel guilty for never going to games. I should look into this. I don’t love baseball, but baseball games are a summer past time. Maybe going would lift my mood. I think it would. 


I had my first pilates class tonight. For a class that takes place almost entirely on your back or in a sitting position, I feel ridiculously tired. I hope this speaks more to the difficulty of the class than to my fitness level. 


After eating sweet potatoes fries for the third time in a week tonight at Sunset Cantina (the previous two times were frozen from Trader Joe’s), I’ve decided I could live on nothing else. Forever. 


This is my third post today. New Record!


I think Jon and Kate Plus 8 makes normal people never want to have children, but for some reason, it makes me want to. Aiden and Leah are just so damn cute! (see below) Little glasses win me over every time. (This thought was more thought while watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 after arriving home.)

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Playing Catch Up

June 17, 2008


I feel like my life has been in shambles lately. My future is hazy. My apartment is a disaster area, and I had a mid-term yesterday that has been taking up all my free-time that wasn’t aleady being taken up by marathoning Friday Night Lights with Lynn. In an effort to catch up, I think I’ll write a series of short posts on things I was going to write about, then didn’t in my abyss of ridiculousness. Hopefully, this can jump start my new plan to blog more, with shorter posts. We’ll see how this plays out.

And now the first installment of short, stupid stories with Amanda: an email exchange with my mother during work hours.

Amanda to Mom
I’ve decided that if I move home in December, I will require my own dog. To keep me busy. And to fight Sookie (my mother’s beloved 4 pound toy fox terrier) in organized battles…of cuteness. The dog would preferably come from here:  And would preferably be one of these specific dogs: (one, two, three, four, five
Yes, I have this much free time at work.
Thank you for your time,
Mom to Amanda
This is a one dog huse…sookie must rule! Although the dogs are very cute!
Amanda to Mom
See, I think that Sookie could use a friend on her level, as Chloe (my fabulous, yet sadly neglected cat) is cleary superior in intelligence and wit. Another dog could give her that.
Mom to Amanda
Maybe she would like a friend but I’m not sure that any dog would have the superior personality of sookie – friend to all
Amanda to Mom
I guess it’s true few could match her hours of charity work and her millions in charitable giving.
And that is how I spent my Friday at work. And yes, I am still determined to get that dog should I move home.

Not Bad, Not Bad At All

June 9, 2008


My weekends have been perking up the boring-ness of my weeks lately. 

This past weekend wasn’t too bad. Friday night after work, I met my friend Megan at Shaw’s, as she graciously allowed me to cook a Giada De Laurentiis meal in her kitchen since mine barely has space to microwave. We went with the intention of making butternut squash tortellini*, but Shaw’s let us down in the mildly exotic ingredients realm, we had to switch plans mid-shopping trip. We decided instead to make sword fish with spaghetti and citrus pesto* – made from scratch, thankyouverymuch – which was amazingly delicious and fun to make. (I’d been dying to grille something after watching hours upon hours of Thrill of the Grill Week on Food Network…) 

Saturday, Boston decided to become a hot and humid disaster, but being dumb and naive to the weather, my friend Josh and I decided we would walk from campus to the North End to get cupcakes at LuLu’s. Sadly, about halfway down Newbury, dehydrated and about to pass out, we decided a better idea would be Italian Ice and shade in Boston Common. Saturday night, I took Megan to see the latest musical at the theater where I work, because, who doesn’t love free theater tickets? The show as wonderful, and again, free, so a good time was had  by all.

Sunday was lazy and hot. There was an incident of me walking all the way to the gym only to discover I didn’t have my swipe card, causing me to have to walk all the way back to my apartment to get it. In the end, though, it just made me proud of my dedication to fitness. The weekend, of course, could not be complete without a mild meltdown on the phone with my mom about the state of my future – grad school plans, moving home, finding a job, bah! But I just put it out of my mind slash spend hours researching various options to make myself feel better, so as of right now, all is fine. 

Sunday ended with me going to see Josh’s roommate’s band at a bar in Allston. Besides having to pay cover (boo to that…) the show was excellent, despite my feeling not nearly hipster enough to be anywhere near this bar. 

Today it was back to the routine. Gym class. Regular class. Work tomorrow. OH WAIT! There was a major win today. My uncle brought me an AC! Greatest moment of my life…well, of that last few days at least. I couldn’t sleep last night I was so hot, so my mom reminded me my  uncle had offered to give me his extra window unit, which is now happily humming in my bedroom window. Hooray for sleeping in human temperatures. My sister, sadly, is suffering a similar fate in NYC without the help of wonderful relatives who bring you free stuff. She texted me from a McDonald’s, where she had to seek refuge from the heat. Major weather fail.

Lastly, I now think I’m close enough to begin some countdowns to exciting upcoming events, as they are the only things that are going to get me through the next two weeks when the new awkward roommate comes and Lynn and I are forced to cohabitate in my not so giant bedroom. So here goes: 

June 14: Boston Blogger’s Happy Hour

June 28: NYC Weekend Trip! (including visits with my favorite sister, Jillian, and Lindsey!)

July 2: Home to visit the family

July ??: NYC Road trip with Josh. 

Also on the horizon is Josh, Megan and I’s “Boston Tourist Day,” which includes a walk around the Freedom Trail, a Duck tour, and dinner at Top of the Hub – all things I need to do in case I am leaving Boston in December for good.

I think that is all for this rambling, unfocused post. Anyone else have any exciting plans coming up? 

*All recipes courtesy of Everyday Pasta, aka my new food bible.


Things That Are Too Boring to Blog About

June 5, 2008


1) My Politics of Education class. (And my mounting hatred of No Child Left Behind. Seriously, if I had kids, now is the time I would be pulling their asses out of public school.)

2) My job. 

3) The multitude of NPR podcasts I listen to while walking to and from said job and class. (Although, if you aren’t listening to Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, Fresh Air, and It’s All Politics, you are missing out on a lot of excitement and a lot of information that will help you feel superior to all those who waste their time listening to music while walking. Losers.) 

4) My working out. (Arms. So. Sore. Hate. Weights. So. Much.)

5) My excessive Food Network viewing schedule. (I do take breaks to switch over to TLC for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and  Take Home Chef, although these do not feel like much of a departure.) 

And all of these things that are too boring to blog about are pretty much my entire life right now. Jealous? 

Wait! I do have a small exciting story that is semi-related to me, but that highlights the lack of excitement in my life, as it is the most exciting story I have, and it didn’t even happen to me. Anyway, my sister got to go see David Sedaris in NYC yesterday. I was (slash am) super jealous because although he is coming to Harvard tomorrow, I cannot go see him, because they are stupid and sold tickets to the event, which are now sold out. Suck it, Harvard. My sister said he was great, so I started to think maybe I should just go stand outside the Harvard Bookstore, where they will have an audio feed, and then wait for hours to get my book signed. Better than nothing, right? I ran this by my sister, and she told me I shouldn’t get the new book signed because she may or may not have already gotten one for me. Win! I love my sister. She then told me that when she told David Sedaris about my sold-out-tickets-suck-it-Harvard situation, he said that he hates when book stores sell tickets to his events. Hah! David hates Harvard too! So I will soon have my own signed copy of David Sedaris’ new book, and I currently have the knowledge that David Sedaris feels for me. Double win! That is all.


Summer Goals

May 31, 2008


I need to stop sitting around, doing nothing and feeling useless. I need to set myself some summer goals. Even if they sound ridiculous, I think they will help me get mildly focused on accomplishing something. Here goes: 

1) Visit Emerson and NYU to get information about Theater Education programs. 

2) Begin application process to Emerson and NYU (if everything looks good upon visiting.)

3) Build up to running a 5K by August (in hopes of maybe running 10K by October for Tufts 10K)

4) Give a good audition for Kaplan (the SAT etc. prep company where I applied for a teaching/tutoring job. You have to audition before you can interview, so I’m only going for the immediate goal first, then I’ll set some kind of goal from there.) 

5) Leave the apartment everyday (this sounds silly, but lately, this hasn’t been happening every day. Yes, I realize how sad this sounds.) 

6) Get some interesting stories and BLOG MORE! (My lack of blogging is stemming solely from my lack of anything interesting to say. This needs to change, pronto.)

7) Start studying for the GRE’s. (This just goes with #2, I suppose.) 

Hrmm, that’s about all I can think of for now. I am excited about a few things coming up. I’m FINALLY seeing Sex and the City tonight, which feels like an event years in the making. (I, sadly, couldn’t plan ahead far enough to get tickets for last night. Wah wah….) I have the Boston Bloggah’s happy hour coming up, AND my trip to NYC to visit Lindsey, Jillian, and my sister, Stephanie, coming at the end of June. If I can just focus on not sucking for a little while, things will start moving faster and getting better. I’m learning I don’t do well with drastic transitions, in terms of my free time. Last semester, my schedule was ridiculously packed and planned. Now I can’t motivate myself to do anything that isn’t required. Hopefully, I’ll just starting thinking of all these goals as requirements, and I’ll get them done. Here’s hoping…


Feeling Unimportant

May 25, 2008


Yesterady I found out that a kid who was in my COM 101 class freshman year is showing a film at Cannes. WHAT!? Now, I know this is the time of life when you start seeing all the things people your age are accomplishing and start feeling insignificant and unimportant, but this is the first time it has happened to me personally, making is exponentially more important and upsetting than any other instance that may have happened to others. 

Today I didn’t leave my bedroom. Really. I’ve moved from my bed to my computer desk and…oh wait, I did make a pit stop in my kitchen to grab snacks once an hour. How wonderfully world changing. I’m currently contemplating whether I’d rather spend my summer being a barista at Starbucks or a hostess at P.F. Changs. This kid, who I was not a fan of in my class again making this instance all the more annoying, is screening his class project for the French Film Elite! Now, I don’t particularly want to show a film at Cannes or even direct a film. I was just already feeling mildly useless and lazy, and this isn’t helping. 

You know what also isn’t helping (on a completely unrelated but just as upsetting and annoying note)? My dad’s new blackberry, which he keeps emailing me from. And facebook messaging me from. And calling me from. And sending me pictures of him holding it from. Bah. I think I would feel instantly more useful as a human being if I had a Blackberry Curve. Who is with me?