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July 31, 2008

Not many things require all caps, but this definitely does…


TELL EVERYONE. UPDATE YOUR READERS. CHANGE YOUR LINKS. Oh, and check out my sweet new design. (Thanks, of course, to Jess. Who else?) HORAY!


Slowly Becoming a Nomad

May 6, 2008


I haven’t even unpacked yet, and I’m packing again. Well, I’m moving my already packed things into another smaller bag. My mom and I are headed back to Ohio for a few days, mainly to pick up things my mom ordered from the furniture store she used to work at. I am going, however, to see my friends (well, the two friends I still talk to) from high school, who I never get to see since my parent’s moved to Delaware. 

I feel like I never stay anywhere for any significant period of time. I’ve been in this weird nomadic state ever since I started college. One day I counted all the places I’d lived since I moved into my freshman dorm, and the number is mildly ridiculous. In that time, I’ve lived in four dorm rooms slash on-campus apartments. My parents have lived in three houses and two apartments in between houses. Plus, I’ve worked at a sleep-away summer camp twice (where I moved three times each summer), and I’ve had multiple trips to visit Stephanie in Indiana and Syracuse, to visit friends in Alabama, to visit friends all over, really, and to visit family in Maryland and California.

I never feel like I’m home anymore. I mean, my parents’ house is technically home, but I live at school more. I’d call Boston home before I’d call Wilmington home. Every time I’m at school, however, I’m living somewhere new. Plus, I haven’t been at school since December, as I’ve been “living” in LA. I can’t wait to graduate if only for the fact that I will hopefully move somewhere and stay IN THE SAME BEDROOM for at least a year. I hope. I really hate packing.