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Warning: Intense “Dark Knight” Spoilers ahead

July 20, 2008


Tonight I finally gave in and joined the masses fandango-ing tickets to see The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked, especially for how good it was, because I also enjoyed a small (which was for some reason larger than my face) diet coke during the 45 minutes of previews.

Thus, about 45 minutes through this lovely 2 hour and 20 minute film, I was in so much pain my leg was shaking. I haven’t had to run to the bathroom this badly since the first time I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I obviously wasn’t going to leave that movie. Every five minutes or so I would analyze my watch then the progression of the plot, trying to use my vast film education to figure out when would be the best point to take a break. Unfortunately this movie NEVER FREAKING LET UP! 

Oh, I could totally leave right…oh, no, the Joker just busted into the cocktail party? Right, I’ll stay for this. Alright, twenty minutes have passed, I’m sure I could sneak out…oh, what’s that, HUGE ASS CAR CHASE! THEY’VE GOT THE JOKER!? What’s going to happen next? Must stay put. So…much…pain… *insert intense leg spasm* Ok, interrogation, I’m sure I could leave for this paaaa…OH MY GOD RACHEL!!!! NOOO!!!! Ok, now for an act break of sorts?…or you know, blowing up a hospital. That works too. 

So, that sure was fun. Also fun was me sprinting from the theater, taking out the eight year olds sitting behind me in the process (to which I ask, who is taking eight year olds to this film that basically scared the crap out of me?) and running to the bathroom only to find one stall was mysteriously locked with no one inside and another had no toilet paper. After waiting for ten minutes, finally running into a bathroom just vacated, and then being told it too had just run out of toilet paper, I cursed the The Dark Knight, and it’s lack of any five minute span of boring screen time. I did finally get into a stall, and let me tell you, it was almost better than the movie. 

Other than that I have only three thoughts about the film that no one else has brought up: 

1) Why does anyone live in Gotham? It seems like a terribly frightening place. I would be getting myself out of there at the first sign of ridiculous craziness. I would NOT be waiting in a bar, watching the city burn, waiting to be forced out by a crazed, clown-faced maniac, who only wants me to get on a boat to test my humanity. I’m out WAY before that. For realsies. What’s wrong with these people?  

2) Why couldn’t Katie Holmes have kept playing Rachel if they were going to kill her? Then I would have been much less sad. I love Maggie Gyllenhaall. 

3) I think I picked the best Batman movie to see first. (Please don’t throw rocks at me. I have watched the George Clooney one. In French. In high school French class. Ok, that probably didn’t help.)


Two High School Movies I’m Freakishly Excited About

July 15, 2008


I will start with the more respectable one: 

American Teen is a documentary that follows five high school students around during their senior year of high school in Indiana. It opens in limited cities (that hopefully include Boston…we’re kind of big and important here, right?) on July 25. It has the very real chance of being the first movie about high school that actually shows SOMETHING that actually happened to ANYONE in high school. I’m totes there. 

Next we have the much bigger, and yes, more shameful, event. Four days after my 22nd birthday (October 24th, to be exact), I will be standing in line surrounded by gaggles of screaming fangirls waiting to buy tickets to the best birthday present ever: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!

(I’ll pause a moment to allow half of you to join me in obnoxious excited dancing while the rest of you silently gag.)

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, my love affair with HSM (as those of us cool slash sad enough to talk about High School Musical enough to require a nickname for the movie call it) began with a phone call from my sister freshman year, informing me (who was without Disney Channel. Thanks for nothing free on campus cable.) that she was witnessing the greatest Disney Channel Original Movie event in years. (BEtter than Zenon: The Zequal!? I have to see this!) She thankfully taped it for me, and I first watched High School Musical (the dance-along-version) alongside my big sister, mouth agape at the sheer awful genius of it. I was instantly hooked. The cheesy music. The cheesier dialogue. (“I’m not even behind yet, and you know, I’ve been behind since kindergarden!” Oh Chad, you CRACK ME UP!) Vanessa Hudgens’ never changing baby voice. Lucas Gabreel’s always changing hats. The perfect balance of ridiculous and ridiculously serious moments. I could go on and on.

In the two years since, I’ve directed my own production of the musical (seen one-night only in Chardon, Ohio), and forced my dad to sit through the mildly less genius but still ultimately enjoyable sequal. (“Well, that’s two hours I’ll never get back.” Sorry, Dad.) I’ve become addicted to running to it’s upbeat tunes and have learned most of the dances (for said production, I swear!) 

Just when I thought the HSM franchise could give no more, I was given a glimpse of what genius still lies ahead. Lights dimming to reveal Vanessa and Zac singing soulfully to each other across a crowded gymnasium, lit only by spotlights and their super-reflective shiny hair? Check! Awkward sexual tension between my favorite brother/sister duo, despite one’s blatant homosexuality? Check! A dance in a super manly location to keep the other singing/dancing boys looking cool? Check! The ultimate teen movie staple: the intricately choreographed prom dance? Check! TEN new original songs? Check!

Obviously, I’ve imbedded the trailer that revealed all this and more below. Enjoy at your own risk, as it may induce more excited dancing or gagging. 

So, who is with me? I know my sister definitely is as she’s already predicted, “I see a homemade t-shirt clad movie campout in our future…..”


“Out There…”

July 12, 2008


So I’m probably the last person to say this but…

Wall-E was FANTASTIC! I want Wall-E to come live with me, compact my trash, hold my hand and sing show-tunes while doing that adorable hat dance. Seriously. If someone could make this a reality, I would be happy forever. 

It was especially interesting to see after listening to Pixar’s Andrew Stanton (the film’s director and writer) on Fresh Air this morning while walking to the gym. If you liked the movie, I recommend listening. He shares some really interesting insights about the sound design, the science behind the (mild) obese human race, and the origins of Wall-E’s face at a baseball game. 

It’s nice to finally see a movie that lives up to the hype.


Train Wreck in the City

June 1, 2008


When I went to see Sex and the City, I expected there to be yelling and clapping, maybe some screams of joy and encouragement. I was even ready to participate in it, if everyone else was. Why not? I was excited to see the movie.

When my friends and I got there (with an impressive 2 guys, 2 girls ratio) the theater seemed pretty subdued. I figured maybe we missed all the crazies by going the second night. Unfortunately, we soon learned there was one we didn’t miss. And she was sitting right in front of us. Fabulous. 

NOTE: There are very mild spoilers after this, just in case you want to stop reading….

It started out innocently enough. She was talking loudly to her friends during previews, passing a suspiciously large drink back and forth, getting a little louder with each sip.

Then the movie started…and she started clapping. At everything. Oo, Carrie and Big walked into a big apartment! clapclapclap Charlotte’s daughter appeared on screen! clapclapclap My friend Megan and I looked at eachother, hoping this wouldn’t last too long. 

Then she moved into the woooing faze. LOOOKK AT ALL THE WEDDING DRESSING OMGZZZ WOOOOO!!!! Carrie is SO SILLY trying on clothes from the 80’s! SOO FUNNY! WOOOOO!!!! At this point, I notice Megan and I aren’t the only ones looking annoyed. She’s basically pissed off an entire three row radius around her. 

Then, right before a pretty big moment, just as she is mid-woo, a girl two rows down couldn’t take it anymore. 

“You guys aren’t in your living room. Shut. Up!” 

Some sassy girls next to us gave a nice “Dammmnnn girl. You tell her,” while the rest of us silently thanked her. Two minutes later, I looked down and drunk girl had laid on her friend’s shoulder and stopped moving. I assumed she had passed out. 

That is, until she started heaving forward. I suddenly become convinced she was going to vomit EVERYWHERE and closed my eyes. I did not come to the SATC movie to see drunk girls vomiting. Her friends noticed and stood her up. She stumbled down the stairs, and as she was right in front of the entire theater, and as Carrie pelted Big with flowers, she face planted into the floor. I tried not to laugh, as what was happening on screen and in front of me was pretty sad, but then most of the people around us did, so I gave in. 

After that, she never came back in. When we left the theater, my friend Josh confessed he wished he was the one to yell at her. I think we all did. 

Besides that, I liked the movie. Sure, it had Carrie’s trademark overreactions, which always drove me crazy, but Charlotte was happy, and everyone ended up where they were supposed to be, so yay! My only major question was: What happened to Marcus? I loved him and Stanford, who felt very underutilized in the movie. Oh well, nothing’s perfect, I suppose. 

Anyone else have any train wreck’s in their theater?


Summer Goals

May 31, 2008


I need to stop sitting around, doing nothing and feeling useless. I need to set myself some summer goals. Even if they sound ridiculous, I think they will help me get mildly focused on accomplishing something. Here goes: 

1) Visit Emerson and NYU to get information about Theater Education programs. 

2) Begin application process to Emerson and NYU (if everything looks good upon visiting.)

3) Build up to running a 5K by August (in hopes of maybe running 10K by October for Tufts 10K)

4) Give a good audition for Kaplan (the SAT etc. prep company where I applied for a teaching/tutoring job. You have to audition before you can interview, so I’m only going for the immediate goal first, then I’ll set some kind of goal from there.) 

5) Leave the apartment everyday (this sounds silly, but lately, this hasn’t been happening every day. Yes, I realize how sad this sounds.) 

6) Get some interesting stories and BLOG MORE! (My lack of blogging is stemming solely from my lack of anything interesting to say. This needs to change, pronto.)

7) Start studying for the GRE’s. (This just goes with #2, I suppose.) 

Hrmm, that’s about all I can think of for now. I am excited about a few things coming up. I’m FINALLY seeing Sex and the City tonight, which feels like an event years in the making. (I, sadly, couldn’t plan ahead far enough to get tickets for last night. Wah wah….) I have the Boston Bloggah’s happy hour coming up, AND my trip to NYC to visit Lindsey, Jillian, and my sister, Stephanie, coming at the end of June. If I can just focus on not sucking for a little while, things will start moving faster and getting better. I’m learning I don’t do well with drastic transitions, in terms of my free time. Last semester, my schedule was ridiculously packed and planned. Now I can’t motivate myself to do anything that isn’t required. Hopefully, I’ll just starting thinking of all these goals as requirements, and I’ll get them done. Here’s hoping…


Week-end Wrap Up

April 6, 2008


My weekend in a nutshell. Here goes: 

Friday: I get up and get ready for work, as per usual. Ten minutes before I am supposed to leave, my boss tells me that it is really slow today, so I don’t have to go in! I decide to be productive and start writing one of my three final papers I have due in the next three weeks. Then, Jillian and I go out to lunch at Eat Well, then walk to The Grove to see Leatherheads. (Yes, it didn’t get stellar reviews, but my love of John Krasinski rises above the critics.) The movie is cute. Nothing life changing, but I was not expecting much. Friday night, we meet up with tons of people from our program at Happy Endings on Sunset, which is the bar equivalent of a frat party. The night ends up as most frat parties do. I’ll leave it at that. 

Saturday: Jillian, Grace, Grace’s friend Sam, and I head to Joan’s on Third for lunch, which is always a good idea. Afterwards, Jillian and I run some errands, stopping by Sephora and Bloomingdales, where I spend entirely too much money on moisturizer and Elle McPherson bras. We head out early Saturday night to go see Minnie Driver perform at the Hotel Cafe. She is delightful, to say the least. Her voice is impressive, and she tells some adorable and amusing stories about her songs. My love for her grows 10 times. Grace and I then head back home, because we are old women, while Jillian and our friends Rachel and Pauline go out and end up sighting Tom Calicio at S Bar! So jealous. Other drama in my life resurfaces, but I am still too paranoid to talk about such things on my blog. Maybe one day…

Today is just being lazy and making dinner for my roommates. It also includes Jillian and I stupidly sleeping through our registration times for fall classes and getting mildly screwed in the process. (You know what BU? I didn’t even want to take pilates anyway!)  Perhaps some Pinkberry is in my future as well. Only three more weeks left of work! This semester went by entirely too fast.


My Life on the Big Screen

April 1, 2008


Sadly, I started writing this entry last night, got too tired, then figured I could just write it at work. It is now 1:30, and the only reason I have time to finish it now is because everyone is at lunch watching the How I Met Your Mother  episode with Britney Spears, and I had to escape, having already suffered through Britney acting four times. Of course, they had to watch the newest episode that I haven’t seen while I was making my lunch only to turn on last week’s when I got in the room. Life is truly unfair.

Anyway, to the topic of the post: Last night while watching The Hills, I was excited to see that the girls had returned to LA so I could now obsess over every locale the girls go to, figuring out if I have been there or not. Last night, I did pretty well. Heidi and her nameless co-worker dined at Food Court LA, where we ate for my roommate’s birthday. Audrina, Lauren, and Lo discussed something super important (as everything on that show is) at Lola’s, a bar we went to on our first weekend in LA, and Heidi and the same co-worker walked to Bolthouse, which is a block away from one of my offices! I looked for my car parked on the street in the background, but alas, it wasn’t there. To make up for it, they showed an establishing shot of my apartment complex. I feel like a true Los Angelean (Los Angelesian? Los Angelen? Whatever…), except for that whole never wanting to actually move here thing.

When I thought about my excitement over The Hills, I remembered that only last Friday, I had the same feeling but with good old Boston U. We had a special screening of “21” for our program, since they filmed the movie on our campus last winter. (No, MIT wouldn’t let them film on their campus. Yes, my best friend saw Kate Bosworth at our gym.) In the movie, I saw Kate Bosworth make eyes at Jim Sturgess beneath the track where I run. I saw Jim Sturgess run into the dorm a block away from my old dorm where I ate lunch almost every day last year. I saw the entire cast strut down the hallway of the College of Arts and Sciences where I myself have strut to class a good number of times. It was kind of odd, because they kept saying it was MIT, when clearly to me it was nothing like MIT. It almost took me out of the story. I got over it, however, because my school was in a movie…and that’s pretty cool.

Alright, well, this post really had no point except to point out that I am closely connected to various sets of both film and television. It also served as a nice break from the constant stream of reading I’ve been doing for the past two days at work. My eyes are blurry from going back and forth between scripts and my computer. Thankfully, my professor is out of town this week, so I’m free after work to do whatever I please, which sadly is probably read, BUT I will read whatever I please! Take that world!