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Why I Hate My Car

May 15, 2008


A few years ago, the inside of my car door melted. This sounds terrible and irreparable, but really, all it means was that my car is really difficult to unlock. So difficult, in fact, that it bent my car key into a nice twisted mess. For some reason, this never caused any problems with my key actually starting my car. That is until today. 

Today I was visiting my friends in New Jersey. We had a lovely lunch, catching up on our semester apart, as they were at BU while I was in LA. We said good-bye after a few hours, and they drove away as I went to my car. I pulled out the key my mom had given me to my car (my sister had my twisty key, having driven my car this past semester at school), and went to unlock the car. It wouldn’t open. I tried again and again until my hand started to blister. Nothing. I went around to the passenger side, where the door is sometimes easier to open. Nothing. Nothing. Then CLICK. It opened! Success. I ran around to my side, climbed into the sweltering seat (thanks black leather!) and put my key in the ignition. Nothing. The key wouldn’t move. I pulled it out and examined it. This new key too had been twisted, but only slightly. Apparently, you can still start my car with a completely messed up key, but mildly twisted? No go. I tried and tried, further blistering my hands. 

At this point, I start to freak out. I start to really examine the key and really start to believe my car is not going to start. I call my mom and freak out to her to the same effect. We start throwing out the idea that she would have to drive me my other key. She hung up to call my dad, as I got out of the car to try to flatten my key by twisting it the other way. I went around to the passenger side, locked the car, unlocked  it, and opened the door again only to have the car alarm start BLARING at me for no reason. I jumped into the car in embarrassment and anger, looking for some kind of magic button to stop the god-awful noise. There was none. I unlocked and locked the door from the inside with no luck, and in a moment of desperation, I try the key in the ignition one more time, just to see, and IT TURNS ON! Horay…well, it would have been horay, IF THE CAR ALARM HAD STOPPED! I think the car finally started because my wasn’t shaking so badly from the car alarm. Blerg. 

So, I’m sitting in my car, which is running, with the car alarm blaring. I call my mom back telling her I have a bigger problem when suddenly, the car alarm stops. Out of nowhere. My mom tells me to calm down and drive home. I finally do, still shaking out of anger and wanting to run my car off the bridge I cross just to be rid of it. By the time I get home, I’m feeling midly better, helped by a constant loop of Miley Cyrus music. I park in my driveway, open the door, and THE CAR ALARM GOES OFF AGAIN! If I’m in the car, why would I be getting out to steal it!? At this point, I run into the house, fuming, to find my car remote to try and turn it off, but realize my sister has it. This time, I’m not the only one shaking in anger, as my mom’s dog is also freaking out. Wonderful. 

After five minutes, the alarm turned off, and I am now refusing to go near my car for the rest of the summer. Lucky for me, there’s no driving (for me, at least) in Boston.