Why Blog?

This blog started as a way to chronicle my semester “abroad” in LA…and escape from the dreaded LiveJournal I had let die. Somehow once I got to LA, however, this blog fell to the back of my mind. Between two internships, three classes, nights out, birthdays, and trips to Vegas, I couldn’t put words to page…or screen to write about my experiences

Then I had a mini crisis of…I don’t know what to call it. Let’s just say, I started to question whether the fast LA life was the life for me. That is not good considering I had my whole LA life already planned out and was doing everything I could to make it a reality.

Now this blog is about that — the process of deciding what I really want to do with my life. It could be that I’ve been right these last few years, that I do want to move to LA to become a high powered television executive. Or it could be that I want something compeltely different. At this point, your guess  is as good as mine.

Why blog about it? Well, I’ve been blogging off and on since I was 13. I originally taught myself html so I could make an *NSYNC fansite. Yep, I was a pretty cool kid. In my defense, I didn’t start that journey alone. My best friend at the time was in on it with me. I did, however, quickly start up my own personal website, which morphed into more fan sites (one of which may or may not have been about a certain trainwrecked pop princess), another personal website, and two domains to host that personal website. I made some blogger friends and became pretty popular. Eventually, I got to be a busy teenager who didn’t have time to write HTML code into the night. I moved over to livejournal, more to keep in touch with my friends after moving than to keep up with my online friends.

When I got accepted into the LA program, I found myself missing my website building days and wishing I still had a blog to write about this time in my life. Luckily, I still had some skills and knowhow to set up this little ditty. I found a few of my old daily blogs to look to for inspiration on how to be a blogger when you aren’t fourteen, and now, here I am again, except this time I’m not contemplating how to get readers from my site to read the eight page thesis I wrote about seeing *NSYNC in Kentucky.

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