Shame on You, Emmy Voters!

July 17, 2008


As a Television major, I care a lot about the Emmy’s…probably a little too much. Every year I get my hopes up, thinking they’ll actually recognize the best of the best of television. With so much good stuff on television, despite what most people say, there should be little room for crap. Shouldn’t there? 

Yet every year I am beyond disappointed. Yes, sometimes they get it right, awarding low-rated yet amazing shows like Arrested Development and 30 Rock, but most of the time, they just go with big names and past winners, without, it would appear, even WATCHING half of what’s on television.

If they did watch, they would be EMBARRASSED by leaving off such names as Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton for their work on Friday Night Lights (which itself was left of the list to make room for Boston Legal!? Really, Emmy voters? Does David E. Kelley have naked pictures of all of you? Huge checks made out in your name?) If you watched just one episode of FNL and saw the movingly real and honest performances these two people gave, you would be ASHAMED! Ashamed I tell you!

Equally upsetting on the comedy front, of all the CBS comedies, including my personal favorite How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris? Jason Segal? How could this NOT be funny!), and others which (I’ve been told) are consistenly funny, Big Bang Theory and New Adventures of Old Christine, you had to go with Two and a Half Men? REALLY Emmy Voters? Are sex and fart jokes that funny? Am I missing something? Is it just because you nominated them last year so to prove you were right then you have to do it again now? Sadly, it also beat out Weeds! WEEDS! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Charlie Sheen was more interesting than celebrated actress Mary Louise Parker. I must have been mistaken. And you didn’t just give them a nod in the best comedy category, you also had to give them supporting nods as well? Bah! So no room for John Krasinski and Jenna Fisher? No room for Kevin Dillon? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. 

I mean, yes, there are some positives. 30 Rock got a lot of deserved love (as well as every guest star of the season, apparently) as did Pushing Daisies, Dexter, Mad Men, and Lost, but it all just feels like more of the same. Every year the same list gets published and every year I’m disappointed. I won’t even get into past disappointments. (No Lauren Graham? No Kristen Bell? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE WATCHING!?!) I know it will never change no  matter how many times they change the voting rules. There is too much to watch and too few people who care to really try. I know that. And I know I will still watch, because really, what else do I have to do. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be hurling things at the television while I do it. I mean, James Spader!? Really!?

If you want to see the whole list, check it out here. Maybe you can make sense of it all. Also check out my secret online boyfriend Michael Ausiello’s take. See? I’m not alone, I tell you!



  1. Are we the only smart people left on the planet? Ugh.

  2. Two and a Half Men was really nominated for an Emmy TWICE? REALLY? I’m not necessarily a TV buff, but I’ve seen maybe 16 minutes of one episode, and the fact that it receives any acknowledgment by human beings at ALL is a shock and outrage to me.

  3. As one who followed the whole voting process (from afar, of course… there’s no way in hell I’m actually a voter haha) on LA Times’ Gold Derby blog, I feel more immune to the Emmy’s morning-after caused by the voting process’ inequities. Yes, there are sad stories abound (not only is Scrubs no longer in the Emmy good book but Sarah Chalke couldn’t get her much-deserved nom for guesting on HIMYM!), but understanding the complicated two-part nominating process makes some of the more frustrating parts (why Two and a Half Men gets nominations, for example) more understandable. That said, why Two and a Half Men is in the Top 20 rated shows on television, I don’t get.

  4. Oh, and rejoice! Sarah Silverman got a Best Song nomination for I’m Fucking Matt Damon. That has to offset at least five atrocious nominations alone.

  5. And yet, Arrested Development was beaten out for an Emmy by, of course…

    The original (UK) “The Office.”

    So, that’s what it was like when good shows lost to good shows. It’s so surreal now, just imagining it…

  6. Great thinking! That really bakres the mold!

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