“Out There…”

July 12, 2008


So I’m probably the last person to say this but…

Wall-E was FANTASTIC! I want Wall-E to come live with me, compact my trash, hold my hand and sing show-tunes while doing that adorable hat dance. Seriously. If someone could make this a reality, I would be happy forever. 

It was especially interesting to see after listening to Pixar’s Andrew Stanton (the film’s director and writer) on Fresh Air this morning while walking to the gym. If you liked the movie, I recommend listening. He shares some really interesting insights about the sound design, the science behind the (mild) obese human race, and the origins of Wall-E’s face at a baseball game. 

It’s nice to finally see a movie that lives up to the hype.



  1. That article and NPR interview looks really interesting! I watched a Pixar special with my best friend a couple weeks ago and was blown away by their vision and innovations. I’ll be sure to give this a listen :o)

  2. Ever since I caught “The Pixar Story” On Demand I have been semi-obsessed with how incredible they are, and WALL-E did *not* dissapoint.

    And that hat dance was absolutely adorable and you are spot-on to highlight it.

    And now I can’t wait to download that Fresh Air and listen to it!

  3. I loved Wall-E so much! It was so cute!

  4. Cannot wait to see this!! It isn’t out in UK until the end of this month, i think, which is unfortunate given all the hype! He’s just like a tiny version of Johnny 5! So excited!!

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