Some thoughts on my way home from dinner…

July 7, 2008


As I walked home, I listened to a Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me clip show of sorts, compiling various celebrity interviews from the past year. While playing a quiz game with guest Kevin Clash, they invited Kevin’s alter ego, Elmo of Sesame Street fame, to answer some questions as well. Kevin answered the first question correctly. Elmo, sadly, answered the second question incorrectly. When recapping, the host was careful to say, “The Team of Kevin and Elmo has answered one question right and one question wrong,” as if to not upset three-year-old Elmo for missing a question. I found myself feeling bad for Elmo too. I hoped they would win so Elmo wouldn’t feel he lost the prize for Megan, the listener. Then I worried about myself. I think this says a lot about my attachment to Sesame Street characters…a lot that frightens me. 


I followed the Hood blimp all the way home, as I live a block away from Fenway Park. I feel guilty for never going to games. I should look into this. I don’t love baseball, but baseball games are a summer past time. Maybe going would lift my mood. I think it would. 


I had my first pilates class tonight. For a class that takes place almost entirely on your back or in a sitting position, I feel ridiculously tired. I hope this speaks more to the difficulty of the class than to my fitness level. 


After eating sweet potatoes fries for the third time in a week tonight at Sunset Cantina (the previous two times were frozen from Trader Joe’s), I’ve decided I could live on nothing else. Forever. 


This is my third post today. New Record!


I think Jon and Kate Plus 8 makes normal people never want to have children, but for some reason, it makes me want to. Aiden and Leah are just so damn cute! (see below) Little glasses win me over every time. (This thought was more thought while watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 after arriving home.)



  1. aiden is the cutest kid, ever! i adore him.
    anywho, saw you on the boston blogger evite. hello! =)

  2. 1. Yes, you have to go to a game there. Craig’s List usually has some not-egregiously-priced tickets the week of.

    2. Sweet potato fries are far too scarce out here on the West coast. Spread that gospel back this way, please?

  3. 1. Pilates, in my limited experience, is indeed way off the charts on the “I don’t think I’m physically exerting myself-I am thoroughly exhausted” scale.

    2. Having just read all of your traveling travails, I really do hope that Life has some damn good times for you in your future. And if you’re still in Boston for the rest of the summer, when I get back at the end of the month I’d love to try and pitch in towards that. (And I have Sox season tickets if you want to join me for a game :D)

    3. I think there’s a great tradition that adults treat the Muppets and the like with respect (and the performers with even more) and when listening to that segment (both when it first aired and in their re-run), I too felt for Elmo. Only I didn’t then have the follow-up though you had… so I wonder if that either bodes well for your self-awareness or poorly for mine…

    Seriously, though… I do wish you goodness in your future.
    (Was that awkwardly phrased? I tried to be as simple and honest as possible, but I might have just regressed to elementary school writing…)

  4. @emrlds: I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves Aiden. We’ll have to discuss at the meet-up!

    @tiffin: I spread the sweet potato gospel everywhere I go, if possible.

    @ Jonah: Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. It’s just a combination of forgetting to be a human and being depressed lol I hope the future gets better to 🙂 I’m also glad I’m not the only one with an affinity for Elmo and for “Wait, Wait.”

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