Not Bad, Not Bad At All

June 9, 2008


My weekends have been perking up the boring-ness of my weeks lately. 

This past weekend wasn’t too bad. Friday night after work, I met my friend Megan at Shaw’s, as she graciously allowed me to cook a Giada De Laurentiis meal in her kitchen since mine barely has space to microwave. We went with the intention of making butternut squash tortellini*, but Shaw’s let us down in the mildly exotic ingredients realm, we had to switch plans mid-shopping trip. We decided instead to make sword fish with spaghetti and citrus pesto* – made from scratch, thankyouverymuch – which was amazingly delicious and fun to make. (I’d been dying to grille something after watching hours upon hours of Thrill of the Grill Week on Food Network…) 

Saturday, Boston decided to become a hot and humid disaster, but being dumb and naive to the weather, my friend Josh and I decided we would walk from campus to the North End to get cupcakes at LuLu’s. Sadly, about halfway down Newbury, dehydrated and about to pass out, we decided a better idea would be Italian Ice and shade in Boston Common. Saturday night, I took Megan to see the latest musical at the theater where I work, because, who doesn’t love free theater tickets? The show as wonderful, and again, free, so a good time was had  by all.

Sunday was lazy and hot. There was an incident of me walking all the way to the gym only to discover I didn’t have my swipe card, causing me to have to walk all the way back to my apartment to get it. In the end, though, it just made me proud of my dedication to fitness. The weekend, of course, could not be complete without a mild meltdown on the phone with my mom about the state of my future – grad school plans, moving home, finding a job, bah! But I just put it out of my mind slash spend hours researching various options to make myself feel better, so as of right now, all is fine. 

Sunday ended with me going to see Josh’s roommate’s band at a bar in Allston. Besides having to pay cover (boo to that…) the show was excellent, despite my feeling not nearly hipster enough to be anywhere near this bar. 

Today it was back to the routine. Gym class. Regular class. Work tomorrow. OH WAIT! There was a major win today. My uncle brought me an AC! Greatest moment of my life…well, of that last few days at least. I couldn’t sleep last night I was so hot, so my mom reminded me my  uncle had offered to give me his extra window unit, which is now happily humming in my bedroom window. Hooray for sleeping in human temperatures. My sister, sadly, is suffering a similar fate in NYC without the help of wonderful relatives who bring you free stuff. She texted me from a McDonald’s, where she had to seek refuge from the heat. Major weather fail.

Lastly, I now think I’m close enough to begin some countdowns to exciting upcoming events, as they are the only things that are going to get me through the next two weeks when the new awkward roommate comes and Lynn and I are forced to cohabitate in my not so giant bedroom. So here goes: 

June 14: Boston Blogger’s Happy Hour

June 28: NYC Weekend Trip! (including visits with my favorite sister, Jillian, and Lindsey!)

July 2: Home to visit the family

July ??: NYC Road trip with Josh. 

Also on the horizon is Josh, Megan and I’s “Boston Tourist Day,” which includes a walk around the Freedom Trail, a Duck tour, and dinner at Top of the Hub – all things I need to do in case I am leaving Boston in December for good.

I think that is all for this rambling, unfocused post. Anyone else have any exciting plans coming up? 

*All recipes courtesy of Everyday Pasta, aka my new food bible.


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