Train Wreck in the City

June 1, 2008


When I went to see Sex and the City, I expected there to be yelling and clapping, maybe some screams of joy and encouragement. I was even ready to participate in it, if everyone else was. Why not? I was excited to see the movie.

When my friends and I got there (with an impressive 2 guys, 2 girls ratio) the theater seemed pretty subdued. I figured maybe we missed all the crazies by going the second night. Unfortunately, we soon learned there was one we didn’t miss. And she was sitting right in front of us. Fabulous. 

NOTE: There are very mild spoilers after this, just in case you want to stop reading….

It started out innocently enough. She was talking loudly to her friends during previews, passing a suspiciously large drink back and forth, getting a little louder with each sip.

Then the movie started…and she started clapping. At everything. Oo, Carrie and Big walked into a big apartment! clapclapclap Charlotte’s daughter appeared on screen! clapclapclap My friend Megan and I looked at eachother, hoping this wouldn’t last too long. 

Then she moved into the woooing faze. LOOOKK AT ALL THE WEDDING DRESSING OMGZZZ WOOOOO!!!! Carrie is SO SILLY trying on clothes from the 80’s! SOO FUNNY! WOOOOO!!!! At this point, I notice Megan and I aren’t the only ones looking annoyed. She’s basically pissed off an entire three row radius around her. 

Then, right before a pretty big moment, just as she is mid-woo, a girl two rows down couldn’t take it anymore. 

“You guys aren’t in your living room. Shut. Up!” 

Some sassy girls next to us gave a nice “Dammmnnn girl. You tell her,” while the rest of us silently thanked her. Two minutes later, I looked down and drunk girl had laid on her friend’s shoulder and stopped moving. I assumed she had passed out. 

That is, until she started heaving forward. I suddenly become convinced she was going to vomit EVERYWHERE and closed my eyes. I did not come to the SATC movie to see drunk girls vomiting. Her friends noticed and stood her up. She stumbled down the stairs, and as she was right in front of the entire theater, and as Carrie pelted Big with flowers, she face planted into the floor. I tried not to laugh, as what was happening on screen and in front of me was pretty sad, but then most of the people around us did, so I gave in. 

After that, she never came back in. When we left the theater, my friend Josh confessed he wished he was the one to yell at her. I think we all did. 

Besides that, I liked the movie. Sure, it had Carrie’s trademark overreactions, which always drove me crazy, but Charlotte was happy, and everyone ended up where they were supposed to be, so yay! My only major question was: What happened to Marcus? I loved him and Stanford, who felt very underutilized in the movie. Oh well, nothing’s perfect, I suppose. 

Anyone else have any train wreck’s in their theater?



  1. Bwaahaah! I always wish I’m the one to yell at people. I never am. 😦

  2. The lady in front of me was kind of weird… not NOTHING like your story. LOL

  3. hahah oh gosh. we had this girl who would shriek laugh. it was soooo annoying!

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