A Small Rant About The Hills

May 5, 2008


Something about The Hills has been bothering me for some time now. I’d talked about it with Jillian and Grace (read: ranted it about it until they yelled at me to shut up because Lo was talking), and then I read the Rolling Stone cover article about them, which articulated my problem with The Hills beautifully. 

Basically, I hate how they never acknowledge The Hills on The Hills. They actively hide who these girls really are and who they have become. Yes, when it started, Lauren was a “small town girl” moving to the big city. She didn’t have any connections, and she wasn’t a huge celebrity. That is no longer the case. The show completely omits aspects of their lives that would be so much more interesting to follow than Lauren’s non date with Steven. I mean, they acted like the biggest thing Lauren did during LA Fashion Week was helping out at a show with People’s Revolution when in actuality, SHE PREMIERED HER OWN LINE! That is a huge deal! But no, The Hills can’t mention that because it was mean Lauren was special, that being the star of her own reality show gave her opportunities no one else would get, and that isn’t what this show is about. This show is about real young people trying to make it in LA. It’s about their ever exciting social lives and entry-level jobs. Please…

I just hate feeling insulted by television. I mean, we can figure out she is getting special treatment when she buys a million dollar home in Hollywood to live in with her friends. I don’t think even her parents would be able to buy her a house that nice. It has a guest house, for Pete’s sake. So why can’t they show why she can afford that home? Why can’t they show Lauren working on her own line, or Heidi (god help us) working on her “music career.” That would be great television! I feel insulted both as a viewer and as a student of the medium of television. (Also insulting, Spencer’s idea of good children’s names: see The Soup for evidence.)

Now, I know this is a stupid subject to rant about. “Just stop watching it!” you’re screaming at your computer. “No one is forcing you to watch the Lauren and Heidi show.” I will concede that this is true, but that brings me to the real thing I hate most about The Hills. I can’t stop watching! I’ve tried. I really have. But it’s just so pretty and weirdly addicting. And all my friends watch it. And now I’ve been to half the places they go to, so it builds my feelings of coolness while it slowly eats away at my soul. Plus, if I didn’t watch it, what would I rant about? 


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