Winding Down

April 27, 2008


I feel like I haven’t been posting a lot, but nothing too exciting has been happening. Everything is winding down here. My casting internship ended on Friday with a three hour casting session in the valley. I had the morning off, which would have allowed me to sleep in had I not had to move my car at 7:30AM due to street resurfacing outside my garage. Grace and I made the most of it by heading to IHOP for a surprisingly delicious breakfast. I then had a ton of time to do all the shopping I couldn’t do on Thursday, being stuck in my apartment due to said street resurfacing. I FINALLY bought gladiator sandals, fulfilling my three week obsession with finding some. Thanks DSW! They were inexpensive and are actually quasi comfortable. Very exciting. The only downside to the morning was having three cups of coffee before 10AM, which led to my crashing later in the day. Oops. 

Leaving my internships was weird. I’m terrible at saying good-bye, because I’m one of those people who doesn’t really feel something has ended until I’m sitting alone in my room thinking about how awesome something was a month later, leading me to cry alone in my room like a crazy person. When I’m still standing there with the people I’m saying good-bye to, it just doesn’t feel over. I’m still there! Even now, I feel like I’m going back to see all these people next week. It won’t sink in until I’m walking around Target in Wilmington with my mom two weeks from now, bored out of my mind, friendless and alone. Dramatic enough for you? I kid you not, this will happen. When I moved from Alabama, I didn’t cry when I said good-bye to my best friends, but had a nervous break-down two weeks later when I toured my new school and realized I wouldn’t be with them anymore. It’s never a good situation. Anyway, everyone was amazingly supportive when I left, telling me to stay in touch and offering any help they can in the future. It’s nice to know I’ve made such a positive impression on everyone I’ve worked with. Hopefully, I’ll actually stay in touch and be able to use all these people as resources in the future.

The people from my production company internship gave me a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble (aka my favorite store of all time), which I got on Thursday night, making it an extremely positive night. Later when I was still reeling from the gift receiving, I found out that I get to be co-executive producer of the Bay State (America’s longest running college soap opera, in case you didn’t know.) next semester! My goal in starting to work on the show the first month of my freshman year was to eventually run the show, and now I get to, so horay for accomplishing goals! 

I apologize for the lack of coherent blogging. I try to come up with fun topics to discuss, and then nothing interesting happens to me. When I get home, I’m sure my boredom will cause me to become more philosophical in my blogging, so look forward to that.



  1. IHOP is always surprisingly delicious. You look at the sticky menus and stained ceiling and you think, “This is going to be a mistake.”

    And then you take a bite of Chocolate Chip Pancake. And all is well with the world.

    (Also awesome: DSW. OMG, shoes.)

  2. Hey! Congrats on Bat State! 😀

    That’s exciting for you!

  3. HHIS I shludo have thought of that!

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