Nighttime Boredom

April 27, 2008


All my roommates have gone to sleep, because they have to get up for their internships tomorrow. I have cleverly decided to take my last week in LA off for some me slash paper-writing time, so I have no motivation to call it a night. Instead, I choose to sit in my living room, alone, with a book at my side, chatting on AIM and checking twitter every 5 minutes. Productive and healthy use of time, I feel. 

There have been some gems of wisdom shelled out during my conversation with LA friend, Patrick, including: “41% of your daily fiber needs in just one artichoke fyi.” At least I’m learning something. 

This is what happens when I go home for any sort of vacation, too. I have no motivation to sleep, as I have nothing to get up for in the morning, so I stay up ridiculously late, alone, doing absolutely nothing. This then leads to me wasting my entire next day sleeping in until noon to make up for my lack of sleep. It’s a dangerous pattern, and I end up getting bored and antsy. On top of that, I get mad at myself for accomplishing nothing during my days. Yet, during the semesters, when I’m busy and stressed, all I do is think about how much I want to go home, relax, and do nothing. Then when I’m sitting up til 3AM on my parents’ couch watching reruns of “The Soup,” I wish that I had a more interesting life. Why am I never satisfied? 

This has quickly turned very philosophical. (See, I told you this would happen, and I’m not even home yet!) I promise this week will not all be me sitting around typing nonsense into the night. My friends and I have vowed to make this last week in LA awesome, especially after Grace, Jillian, and I finish and pitch our Business of Hollywood project tomorrow – an amazing remake of Roman Holiday staring James Marsden and Marion Cotillard. (Don’t act like that wouldn’t be amazing!) We have vowed to hit up every place we haven’t been and do everything we haven’t done. That most likely will not happen, but we have the motivation and the goal, so we will most likely get something accomplished. Cross your fingers for me. Maybe I really should be getting some sleep.


One comment

  1. When does James Marsden become a big-time star?

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