A Good Start

April 11, 2008


This weekend has started surprisingly well, and it hasn’t even technically started yet. At work yesterday, my boss informed me that they again didn’t need me on Friday. Obviously, I took this as an excuse to go out last night, as all of my friends routinely go out on Thursday, while I stay in, watch Lost, and go to bed early in order to get up early for work. Anyway, we ended up, after some wandering around Hollywood Blvd, at CineSpace. At night it’s a club, obviously, but I want to go back earlier in the day slash night, because it’s actually a movie theater where they serve you dinner! Fabulous combination of things, in my opinion. Sadly, though, I found out that the cast of the Office (!!!!) was at a bar a ton of our friends went to, but we decided against. Unbelievable opportunity missed. Me drunk around the cast of The Office may have been a life highlight. 

This morning, sadly, was not fantastic, as I definitely felt every drink I had last night. I stumbled downstairs to do laundry, had enough money on my laundry card to do the wash, and then discovered I had no cash to refill the card with for the dryer. Sadly, I only had a dollar and the stupid laundry machine only takes fives, tens, and twenties. Boo. I then set off on an adventure to find cash that lasted hours, while my clothes sat wet downstairs. Classy. 

Luckily, the journey to find cash took me to Coffee Bean and to the nail salon to get a pedicure. Two activities that are always winners in my life. I finally got change at Urban Outfitters and was able to start my laundry again. Hopefully, it won’t be all gross when I go get it. Maybe my day didn’t go so well after all…but my toe’s look super pretty, so I’m happy. 

OH! And joy of joys that NBC Thursday night comedies are back. I may have teared up from laughing at 30 Rock, and The Office obviously never disappoints. I was surprised at Jim almost abandoning Pam at the party, but I guess that just drives the point home of how terrible this get together was: Jim was willing to abandon the woman he pined away for for years just to get out of there. Tough stuff.


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  1. Very true! Makes a change to see smeonoe spell it out like that. 🙂

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