Things are finally lining up for old Liz Lemon

April 7, 2008


This week of things coming together for the summer slash fall is almost over. On Sunday, I successfully, if not quite punctually, signed up for my fall classes, ending up with class only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mildly ridiculous, but who am I to complain? Having those classes straightened out finally allowed me to straighten out my classes in the summer, somehow miraculously ending with me taking one class a session as I originally hoped. Then this morning, after many emails and angry rantings via AIM away messages, I finally got the Work-Study office to confirm that I do indeed have work study for the summer. Horay! I can have my job back for the summer! Now I just have to get through someone attending my housing meeting tomorrow to hopefully pick out a sweet two-person apartment for me and Jillian, and I will be set for life…or at least until December. 

My happiest epiphany  came when I realized that none of my fall classes lend themselves well to having a regular final exam during the regular final exam period, which means that my chances of getting to visit my very lovely and amazing friend Sarah in Australia come December are climbing. I worked with Sarah at camp for the past two summers and have been DYING to visit her with our friend Sharon, as she has been to both of our houses and clearly needs to return the favor. The dates we wanted to go overlap with my final exam period, but if I don’t have any final exams, then I don’t have any reason not to go. I mean, can I really pass up free lodging in Australia? I think not. 

Lastly, and most randomly, does anyone have any blog reader suggestions? I can’t deal with google reader’s chaos and messiness.

Oh, and if you understand the title of this post, you win 10 cool points. Don’t act like you aren’t excited.



  1. That is a SWEET semester! I think I had one where I was only Tuesdays and Thursdays…or maybe I had one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and I just never went…

  2. I take it you’ve eliminated Liz Lemmler…

    Congrats on your scheduling (you have 5 day weekends???) and on work study! Does that mean you’ll be in Boston with HTC?

    And housing meeting? Are you leaving StuVi?

  3. Um I definitely wouldn’t pass up free lodging in Australia! That’s freakin awesome.

  4. Blerg.

  5. Sry for being OFF TOPIC – what WordPress theme do you use? It looks interesting!

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