The TV Set

March 15, 2008


I just watched The TV Set, and while it was an extremely good movie, it was like seeing all my worst fears about working in the television business come to life on screen. The executives were unfeeling and uncreative. Their families were falling apart. The writer comprised and comprised until he didn’t even recognize his extremely personal show anymore, and his manager, while being his friend, encouraged him at every turn to give in just to get the show on the air. Perhaps that wasn’t the best of rental choices.

In other news, my sickness has turned into debilitating tiredness. I almost fell alseep at my desk yesterday. When I got home, I fell onto my bed and had to roll myself off to get up and make dinner – and by make dinner I mean microwave leftovers from my free work lunches. My life right now is amazing, isn’t it?

Tuesday I head down to San Diego for some beach and family time. As long as at least 50% of my time is devoted to lying down, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful vacation.



  1. Hope you feel better!

    Your vacation sounds amazing. I’m so tired of the cold weather!

  2. I’m sure you meant to say ‘compromise’ there, right?

    And, if it helps, I can’t think of a single play that has actors or, worse, directors, who are absolutely happy with their jobs. I think it’s just a matter of finding what you love to do and seeing if anyone will pay you to do it.

    And I’m glad you seem to be back on here regularly, I’ve missed you!

  3. yay for another boston blogger! 🙂

  4. Oh, I’ve definitely fallen asleep at my desk before.

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