March 10, 2008


I suck at blogging. I try to get over this fact again and again, imagining how I am going to commit to keeping everyone updated about my life in this fast and simple way. Then I move somewhere new, get a thousand and one things to do, and just completely forget to write anything. Not that I don’t have anything to write about. Things have been just crazy…however, after going to work at 9, driving home for an hour at 6, running to class for three hours, and then getting home at 10:30, I never feel like sharing all that craziness with anyone else. Maybe when all I have to do is work at one job I will feel like writing more. Hrm…

Anyway, let’s update quickly. I’ve been in LA for almost two months now. In that time I have been to a number of fun bars slash clubs – El Carmen, St. Nicks, Boulevard 3, 86 being stand-outs. I’ve seen a number of mildly famous celebrities – Sophia Bush in BCBG, Mr. J of Top Model fame outside The Ivy, that guy who plays Beverly Leslie on Will and Grace at the movies, and most excitingly, Alexis Bledel in a doctor’s waiting room. I’ve been on some fun weekend excursions to Santa Monica Pier and to Las Vegas for Jillian’s birthday, where we got to act like VIP’s at Tao – another crazy bar/club – because Jillian’s cousin works there.

On the work front, I’ve had to do some crazy things. At the production company, I’ve been sent to Ben Affleck’s house…twice. I’ve had to go grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions and new blackberries, buy twelve copies of the same book, and read some truly heinous scripts. I have, however, also made friends with some cool assistants, read some truly amazing scripts (J.J. Abram’s new pilot, anyone?), and learned my way around West LA and Santa Monica through my many errand runs. At the casting office, I have spent several hours on the phone calling out auditions, gotten chatty with some washed up talent agents, made possible cast lists that producer’s have praised, helped run auditions and chatted it up with some fun actors.

Overall, the experience has been positive, but also a little scary. Let me explain: being here has made my future life seem all the more real. I mean, when you are in college, you have this vague notion of what your life will be like, and it seems fantastic because it is vague and mysterious. Once you are out here in the place you plan to move to working in the places you plan to work in, it is much less vague. It is concrete and very, very real. You see what your life will actually be like, rather than what you imagine it to be like. Not that this real life is a bad life – it’s just like any life: There are good parts and bad parts and lots of errand running and making copies. You (and by you, I clearly just mean me) start to question if this is really what you want your whole life to be. Not that any other option is worlds better, but anything else you think of is that vague idea of a life, as opposed to this real one sitting in front of you.

I guess this is what scares people about graduating from college. I always looked forward to leaving college in a way, as it meant getting away from drunken idiots, 12-page papers written in a weekend, and dealing with a diminished, immature dating pool. I usually fail to realize the good parts of college – the four day weekends, the ability to nap daily, the general lack of responsibility, and the wonderfulness of all of your time being your own. Not that I want to stay in college indefinitely – I just always glorify what is yet to come rather than enjoying where I am, and now that I see what is ahead of me, I’m a little scared and a lot happy that I still have 6 more months left of college.

Or maybe this is all just the fever talking. Did I mention that is why I am finally writing? Because I have a fever of 101 and can’t get out of my bed? This probably isn’t the best state in which to contemplate the future. Oh well…


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