One Down

December 22, 2007


This week has been pretty bizarre. I’m “home” again, and by home, I remind you, I mean the apartment my parents are staying in while their new Delawarean house is being built. I’ve been sitting around a lot, reading, watching Extra’s DVDs. I finally left last night to go hang out in Philadelphia with Lauren and Alex, which was extremely fun – see pictures on facebook. We wandered around into some interesting stores, ate cheese-steaks, went to King of Prussia Mall, played with Shaggy the Dog (who was weirdly obsessed with my feet), and watched some “Flight of the Concords.”

But, you know, mostly I’ve just been sitting around. That has left me a lot of time to obsessively check my email to see if anyone has emailed me back about internships I’ve applied for. Because of the huge slash evil snowstorm last week in Boston, my phone interview for the soap opera internship did not happen and could not get back into contact with the woman I needed to, no matter how hard I tried. I started feeling like I was chasing an interview I’d already landed, which was frustrating. I tried all week, and because of that and not hearing from anyone else, I began to have a small panic attack. Visions of me sitting in LA while everyone went off to work and I laid on the couch eating chips ran through my head. Finally, I got a hold of her, and she basically said I had the internship, so….Yay! I have something to do when I get to LA! Some may scoff at soap operas, but the internship seems really cool. You get to help in all facets of production, because they are always in every step of production. I have another interview with a production company when I get into LA, so hopefully that will go well too, and I will be all set. Knock on wood.  

In other news, I’m going to Israel for 10 days on Birthright next Wednesday, so that’s pretty exciting! I’ve never been anywhere near there before, and most of my Jewish friends have been, so I’m finally joining the club. My mom says our itinerary looks good and exciting, so again…Yay!

I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a great Chanukah (a little belated) Christmas, and New Years, since I can’t really update when I’m in Israel. When I get back, I’ll only be a week away from LA. Get excited!  


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