Reading up on the Strike

November 9, 2007


This article by Mark Harris on EW.com is one of the best summaries of this entire strike situation I have read…and I have been reading a lot. If you still think the AMPTP has a legitimate leg to stand on, read the article. And watch the video below. And then head over to Fans4writers.com to see how you can help out.

I’ve already found a picketing buddy for when I get out to LA. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


One comment

  1. You know what? I hate that you’re the only other person I know who actually cares as much about this as I do. I tell everyone about it, and they’re like “Um so?” I don’t think anyone really grasps how severe this is.


    I miss you Amanda. And I miss the way that you understand me better than most people.

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