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You Can’t Go Home Again

November 25, 2007


Especially in my case: My parents move around a lot – They’ve moved houses twice now since I’ve been in college, and I still have a year to go. At least the first house only moved us about five minutes from where I lived out the last two years of high school. Now, though, my parents have moved over to the mid-Westerners east coast state: Delaware. An hour from the beach. An hour from the mountains. Twenty minutes from downtown Philly and a two hour train ride to The City. Not too bad a place to (hopefully) stay for some time. I’m happy for them. It just kind of sucks when “coming home” consists of sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the living room of my dad’s corporate apartment – a lovely hold over place until my mom is done rebuilding and redecorating the house my parents bought. I have accomplished a lot, though, free from the silly distractions of high school friends and my own car slash knowledge of where I am. I went shopping with my mom and bought some great stuff at both Target in Wilmington and the Macy’s in downtown Philadelphia. I stayed at my grandparents house in Bel Air, MD for two days for Thanksgiving, which was a little surreal since their house has always been a twice a year deal, as the closest we’ve ever lived to Bel Air before this was five hours by car (and that was when I was in 5th grade…). I saw my cousins, had some good good, and again, went shopping at my aunt’s sister’s store. I hung out with my sister and had a Friends Thanksgiving episode marathon after the obligatory viewing of the spectacle that is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I started and finished Tom Perrotta’s new book, The Abstinence Teacher, started reading The Tipping Point, and continued reading Eat, Pray, Love. It is so nice to just sit around once in a while and have absolutely nothing to do but read the only thing you want to be reading. It’s amazing how much faster I read in that situation, when there is no pressure, except to finish before I have to get back to reading all that stuff I have to read. I really enjoyed The Abstinence Teacher, which I guess wasn’t surprising as I really liked Election and Little Children, but this hit a lot closer to home in subject matter, as I’ve never been a suburban mother trapped by her life. I guess that is what the character was in this book, but her foe was one I’ve faced before living in the south as a Jew. Anyway, I don’t feel like debating religion here, so I’ll just say that I enjoyed the book.

In internship news, I already heard back from one of my leads, which was exciting, as I was told again and again that no one would contact me after just sending a resume. I guess sometimes the experts are wrong. I’m not getting cocky though. It was just a nice boost of confidence after a lot of cover letter writing. I’m still waiting for the last of my leads – hopefully one in a casting director’s office – and then I will just keep following up on those I’ve applied for. So far, I’ve applied to two production companies (one lead sent to me by the program, one found on my own), one soap opera (a lead sent to me), and two networks (which I applied for figuring, why not?). I don’t want to apply to too many, as the program discourages that. I don’t want to lose track or have to turn a lot of people down in the end, not that I’m beating off employers with a stick. I think I’ve applied to some reputable places, so hopefully something will work out. I will, of course, keep you updated. Next week, I’m planning on making a few follow-up calls slash emails to make sure they received my resume and to maybe ask about an interview. I feel slightly weird asking about an interview, but the program directors told us we need to be a little pushy, so I guess I will just have to get over it. Perseverance will out!

Tomorrow it’s back to the “real world” of school, for two weeks anyway. Just one final paper, a final TV movie project, a final script draft, and a final video project stand between me and the end of this semester. Let’s hope all goes well.



November 17, 2007


We finally have some good news! I am so happy that there is some forward progress. Even if it takes a few more weeks (or months), at least something is happening. People are talking. It’s looking more like a possibility that LA won’t be a ghost town when I get out there. Again I say, Hazzah!

The internship applying frenzy has officially begun. I will write about it more tomorrow, after I have gotten a decent night’s sleep. And watched Grey’s Anatomy. It seems all I do is catch up on television.



November 12, 2007


This video explains it all, if you still don’t understand. It’s amazing how people can get away with completely contradicting themselves to screw people over and still have the media on their side. I guess it helps when you own the media….


Reading up on the Strike

November 9, 2007


This article by Mark Harris on is one of the best summaries of this entire strike situation I have read…and I have been reading a lot. If you still think the AMPTP has a legitimate leg to stand on, read the article. And watch the video below. And then head over to to see how you can help out.

I’ve already found a picketing buddy for when I get out to LA. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


Strike the Good Strike

November 8, 2007


I haven’t written in a while. Not a lot of interesting things have happened…well, not in my life. My mom came. That was cool. I had an orientation for the program where they basically told us all the things we will be learning at the real orientation in January. Oh, and all the people working in one of my dream professions have gone on strike…two months before I am set to go and learn from them. And their work. Which they aren’t currently doing. Uh oh.

I am hearing conflicting stories. My professors here keep reassuring me that it will be over by January. Then I get home, log on to Variety and see articles like this. Obviously, someone will be wrong. I’m not too worried though. I mean, if I go out there while there is still a strike, I’m sure there will still be some opportunity for internships. But there will also be other, more interesting, life opportunities. On my first free day, I am looking up the addresses of strike areas, and I am joining in. I’ve authored spec scripts. I’m interesting in writing. Why shouldn’t I go picket with the people who are picketing for my possible future? What better story 20 years from now than to say that even though I wasn’t a writer then, I helped fight the good fight for writers and possibly for my future self.

Just to be clear, no matter what happens with me personally, I support the writers. What is happening to them, for lack of a better word, sucks. I hate seeing people taken advantage of, especially smart, creative, talented people who work endless hours for the love of a project and not for the profit to be made from it. What they want isn’t crazy or greedy. They want to be able to write for months without worrying about how they are going to keep their lights on or how they are going to pay for the gas to get downtown for the meeting that could finally give them a break. They deserve the money they are asking for, not only for their hard work, but for the hours of enjoyment they provide all of us. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t catch Pushing Daisies or Grey’s Anatomy online, since I work slash watch The Office, when they air. It’s upsetting that the writers, not to mention the actors and directors, get nothing from this so called “promotional” streaming of the episode, even though this is the only way I actually watch the episode. They get no money from my viewership and my enjoyment. Writers should be compensated for all the times their work airs and people are entertained by it, no matter where it is people are watching. It is almost sickening that anyone can side with the studio heads and CEO’s, making millions a year, and then look at the writers as the ones who are being unreasonable.

Everyone should go to unitedhollywood and for more articulate assessments of the situation. You should also watch this video if you don’t understand what the writer’s are actually striking about. Power to the people.