Thanks Universe

October 28, 2007


Why wouldn’t today, the day when I have an interview with the program manager of the LA program at 9:50 in the morning, be the day that I somehow hit “off” on my phone alarm instead of “snooze.” Why wouldn’t this be the day that, instead of waking up at 7:30am as planned, taking a shower, and leisurely walking down to the International Programs office, I wake up at 9:30, throw my hair into a pony tail and run down to the office, thankfully grabbing my resume in between running a brush through my hair and over my teeth.

Sometimes I feel like God does these weird, obnoxious things to us just so he has something to watch. I mean, watching things go right for people for all eternity would be pretty boring. It follows the same principal that says that as soon as people get together on TV shows, the show stops being interesting to watch. (Which, by the way, is totally untrue. Jim and Pam forever!) For God, though, if he can just screw things up enough for you, I’m sure it provides a little entertainment…or at least passes the time, if there is a concept of time when you never die. Or live. Anyway, I also think that after God does these weird, annoying things to you, he sends you a little gift to help you through it, because if he didn’t, it would just be cruel. Case in point, as I ran outside, looking about 10 times less professional and put together than I would have hoped, the T was coming: It was just far enough away that I could catch it without running in front of a bus crossing Comm Ave, but close enough that I didn’t have to wait at all. If you don’t live in Boston, it might be hard to understand how rare and beautiful a gift this really is. To give you a little insight into how the T usually operates, I was waiting for Lynn the other night to go to dinner. As I stood waiting for her, two T’s came and stopped right in front of me in a five minute period. As soon as Lynn got there, we waited 10 minutes for another T to come, only to have it whiz by us, probably running express to Harvard Ave. We then waited another 10 minutes. Another T appeared in the distance. It too passed us by. I started to get pissed. Neither of these T’s was particularly full nor was there another T right behind them to indicate that they had to go express to get back on schedule. We then waited another 10 minutes for a T to finally come AND stop for us. As you can see, the little T miracle this morning, which allowed me to get to my interview on time (which I would not have if I had walked), was definitely something special.

As for my actual interview, it went well. I got a few resume tips that will hopefully make it stronger, and Michael, the program manager, made me feel that I won’t have a problem getting an internship. He said that I have good experience, which is something I rarely think about myself. Basically, this interview was just to get a feel for my interests so that they can send me some leads in Los Angeles to contact about internships. I hope I didn’t look like I just rolled out of bed…even though I did. Thanks God. Thanks a lot.


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