Forms: Check

October 1, 2007


Today I somehow made it out of my room by noon, after a taxing morning of working out and showering, to get to the post office and finally mail in all of my forms. My place in the program is now officially confirmed…or will be in three days when the folks running the program actually receive them. Until I get any more word about it, though, all I can do is wait and obsessively read internship postings at entertainmentcareers.net that will be filled before I even get out to LA. I’m pretty amazing at finding ways to procrastinate that somehow seem productive but in actuality are a huge waste of time.

For instance, I’ve a good chunk of time today researching CSS, thinking I will use these skills to spruce up this website, knowing full well that I don’t have the time, the necessary software or the real skill level to actually do anything worth while. Oh well…I got everything done today that I actually had to. It’s not my fault that I am freakishly productive, leaving me with hours of time to wander the internet in search of useless information. Maybe I’ll take redesigning this site on as a little project over winter break, as I am done with class on Dec. 11th and have no finals. We’ll see.

I should probably head out to my Bay State director’s meeting. When you only have one real commitment in a day, it probably reflects badly on you if you can’t make it.


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