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Here We Go

September 29, 2007


Alright. You may be asking yourself…why this random switch of blogging situations, Amanda? Was this really necessary? Did you really take about 4 hours of your Saturday and devote them to creating this new journal, when you have a journal you’ve neglected for weeks…nay, months. Well, the answer to all these questions would be yes. Well, except for the first one, which was more of a call for an explanation than a yes or no question.

Basically, I wanted to have a different, more focused journal of my little adventure that starts in January: my semester in LA. I’ve been looking forward to participating in the BU in LA program since I came to school, and now that I have officially been accepted into the program, I wanted to start documenting my experience. Sure, I could just start a diary, but then I’d be retelling stories to myself at night that I want to tell to everyone else, so let’s look at this like a convenient time-saver.

So here we go: I was accepted into the program on Monday, because I applied freakishly early. I now have all my forms filled out and sitting beside me ready to be mailed off to the abroad office and the LA office to confirm my participation…and I am so excited. I’ve been researching internships in LA since before I came to BU. I’ve been imagining myself strutting down Sunset Blvd with a Coffee Bean Latte in my hand or jamming out in my car on my way out Burbank for months. Sure, my actual experience will probably involve more stress, sleep loss, and errand running than anything else, but hey, it also involves more sunshine, celebrity stalking opportunities, and beaches than BU, so I still say it’s a gain.

I’ll be using this journal to document everything from my internship search to my late-night exploits, so I hope you are with me for the ride!